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Abnormally Attracted To Sin já tem Edição Especial

Como já era de se esperar, o álbum que será lançado dia 19 de maio, terá uma edição especial com um dvd correspondente aos "visualettes". Para quem ainda não sabe, visualettes são como pequenos curtas que Tori fez para cada uma de suas músicas. São 17! :O Abaixo, o texto publicado pelo site Everything Tori.
P.S.: sem tradução (motivo explicado!)!

Tori Amos will release her Universal Republic debut album, ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN, on May 19, 2009. AOL Music’s Spinner.com will premiere today, Tuesday, March 10 the album’s cover art and tracklisting, as well as an interview where Tori discusses the record.

Tori will offer a sneak-peek at some of the songs from ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN at this year’s South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX when she will headline the Universal Republic Records Showcase. The showcase, one of the most anticipated events in the conference’s two decade-plus history, is on Thursday, March 19, and will be held at the historic club La Zona Rosa.

A DVD of corresponding ‘visualettes’ for each track will accompany the deluxe version of ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN. These interlocking episodic films bring to life the narrative arc of the album. The footage was captured over the past year and shot with a noir twist in HD and Super 8.

The album was produced by Tori and features longtime contributors Matt Chamberlain on drums, Jon Evans on bass, and Mac Aladdin on guitars. Once again Tori is joined in the studio by Mark Hawley and Marcel Van Limbeek who recorded and mixed the album at Martian Engineering in Cornwall, England. ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN is the singer’s tenth studio album, and is sure to be regarded by fans and critics as another innovative chapter in the artist’s trailblazing career.

For nearly two decades, Tori Amos’ stark lyrical flourishes and inspired musicianship have shaped the musical landscape. She is also considered one of the most emotionally powerful live artists in music today. Her most recent world tour, launched in the summer of 2007, with media platforms such as the BBC who lauded both her live show and album as ‘returning Tori Amos back to the forefront of a genre she defined...still pushing her own boundaries.’

The tracklisting for ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN is as follows:
Welcome to England
Strong Black Vine
Not Dying Today
Maybe California
Curtain Call
Fire to Your Plain
Police Me
That Guy
Abnormally Attracted to Sin
500 Miles
Mary Jane
Fast Horse
Lady in Blue

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