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UK iTunes lança single de A Silent Night With You

A Silent Night With You - EP
by Tori Amos
Nov 29 2009
Universal Republic Records

01.A Silent Night With You 3:22 Tori Amos £0.99
02.Pink and Glitter (Acoustic Version) 3:11 Tori Amos £0.79
03.Jeanette, Isabella (Acoustic Version) 4:28 Tori Amos £0.79

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Artigo: The Scotsman - "Album reviews: Andrea Boccelli | Kate Rusby | Tori Amos..."

Published Date: 30 November 2009

Tori Amos wins points on her Midwinter Graces (Universal Republic, £12.72) (3/5) for choosing the sublime Coventry Carol over the regulation Silent Night. A solemn O Come O Come Emmanuel and an appropriately pagan arrangement of The Holly and The Ivy nuzzle up beside her own seasonal compositions about harps and snow angels which float along in the vein of Kate Bush's December Will Be Magic Again.

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Artigo: Colherada Cultural - "A cantora Tori Amos lança álbum de Natal"

E o Colherada aproveita para falar de alguns clássicos natalinos
por Caru Ares - 11 de novembro de 2009

A cantora Tori Amos acaba de lançar um álbum com canções de Natal Com o Natal se aproximando, alguns músicos já começam a lançar seus álbuns natalinos para garantir a renda extra neste final de ano pós crise mundial. Já falamos aqui de Bob Dylan com seu “Christmas in the Heart” lançado no mês passado, e agora é a vez da cantora americana Tori Amos.

O álbum intitulado “Midwinter Graces” foi lançado ontem nos EUA, mas terá seu debut mundial no próximo dia 16. Apesar de não contar com canções clássicas como “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” e “Frosty The Snowman”, as músicas – algumas delas compostas pela própria cantora - têm o clima da festividade representado através de sininhos ao fundo e letras esperançosas no futuro da humanidade.

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Vídeo: FasterLouder (interview)

Vídeo: Undercover (interview)

Clique AQUI para assistir a entrevista completa.

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Yahoo! Music: Pink & Glitter (Live)

Midwinter Graces: iTunes Digital Booklet

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Sinful Attraction Tour: Sydney, AU - Sydney Opera House (17/11)

Lady In Blue
Blood Roses
Liquid Diamonds
I Can’t See New York
Maybe California
Beauty Of Speed
That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be (Carly Simon)
Ribbons Undone
Mother Revolution
The Beekeeper
Take Me With You

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Vídeos: Melbourne, AU 13/11/09

Artigo: the new yooxer - "Tori Amos"

More than mere concerts, the experience of hearing her velvety, intense voice sing live is the kind of experience that no music lover could ever forget: the seductive, rebellious, red-haired Tori Amos opens up to the The New Yooxer. In an exclusive video-interview, the singer with Cherokee blood talks about the most intimate moments of her album and shows us the looks she covets.Irreverent, anti-conformist, and provocative, able to mix the sacred and profane in a single note, Tori Amos has cultivated a rich repertoire of captivating, ferocious music throughout her long career. In 2009, her tenth album Abnormally Attracted to Sin, deepened her past discourse on matters of sex and religion, power and success. “Every woman wears a mask, caught between spirit and flesh, every woman is called to act upon her own destiny,” explains the American singer-songwriter. Her fervent and restless creativity has proven to be unstoppable: her newest album, Midwinter Graces, is set for release in December—and Tori Amos gives us a sneak preview in her interview with The New Yooxer.

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

She’s not all voice and music, however: Tori Amos is a style-chameleon who has proven to be capable of re-inventing her image multiple times over her 20-year career. From the sensuous, flaming curls of her debut—conveying innocence with a hint of naughtiness—she has now matured into a more refined, sophisticated style over the recent years. And what kind womanly evolution is ever complete without a declared passion for shoes? Tori Amos reveals the details of her look—a mix of romantic and fluid pieces that combine glamour and structured shapes—and allows us a peek inside her Dream Box.

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Sinful Attraction Tour: Sydney, AU - Sydney Opera House (16/11)

Lady In Blue
Here. In My Head
Blood Roses
Silent All These Years
Pandora's Aquarium
I Can't See New York
Star of Wonder
Take To The Sky / I Feel The Earth Move
Bells For Her
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Gold Dust
Scarlet's Walk
Curtain Call
Barons of Suburbia
Putting The Damage On

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Sinful Attraction Tour: Camberra, AU - Camberra Theatre (15/11)

Lady In Blue
Bouncing Off Clouds
Blood Roses
Jackie’s Strength
I Can’t See New York
Father Lucifer
Doughnut Song
Fire To Your Plain
Boys In The Trees
Black Dove (January)
Upside Down
Mother Revolution
The Beekeeper
I’m On Fire
Baker Baker

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Artigo: Subba-Cultcha - "Tori Amos - Midwinter Graces"

'Midwinter Graces'
Universal Republic Records

Only Tori’s unique talent can make a seasonally-themed album work this well “Oh no,” I must admit I initially thought on receiving this in my review package, “Tori’s done a Christmas album!” Knowing how frequently such things descend into the mire of schmaltz in even the most talented and capable hands (ever seen David Bowie’s version of “Little Drummer Boy”?), I had, to say the least, some reservations. But this is Tori Amos, after all, and knock me down with a feather if she hasn’t pulled it off.

OK, it probably helps that most of the songs on “Midwinter Graces” are either her own winter-themed originals or are much more well known (I assume) in the US than the UK, giving me little opportunity to have had my understanding of the songs tainted by repeated listens to inferior versions (or even worse, having been force to sing them at school!) But what really makes this record not just listenable but truly enjoyable is, as always, the deftness and skill with which Tori’s talent for arrangement can breathe life into even the tiredest melodies. I should also point out that this is strictly speaking a “seasonal” album and that most of the songs do not have an overtly Christian message attached.

No, this is just as beautiful and soulful a listen as anything you will have heard from Tori before. Though most fans (including myself) have their favourite among her burgeoning discography, no matter how many records she releases she never slips below a certain standard, and that is equally true here. See the likes of “Star Of Wonder” or “Emmanuel” for the most delicious proof.


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Artigo: The Music Fix - "Tori Amos: Midwinter Graces Album Review"


While at first glance, Tori Amos might seem like an unlikely candidate to release a Christmas record, and indeed the announcement was pretty out of the blue, she's got previous. When her first album was released, she released a relatively straightforward cover of 'Little Drummer Boy', while a decade ago, she released a truly haunting version of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'. As a b-Side. In April.

It is an unwritten law of reviewing a Tori Amos record that the word kooky must be used. So here it is. If there's one thing that Midwinter Graces isn't, it's kooky. This is perhaps the most straightforward album, both musically and lyrically that she has ever produced. Anyone concerned that she might have made a self-consciously unusual festive album will be disappointed.

In fact, it's curiously traditional in almost every way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her obvious interest in such themes and her upbringing, the album embraces the religious elements of Christmas, frequently interpreting and referencing favourite carols. Here a snippet of 'We Three Kings', there a bit of 'The Holly & The Ivy'. It owes more to Bing Crosby, than, say, Slade. There's all-new original material here, too, though. The sweet love song of 'A Silent Night With You', and the jazzy, stylish 'Pink and Glitter' are particularly strong.

It's refreshing, too, to have a Tori Amos album free of padding. Her recent discs have had more than a hint of filler - these 12 songs don't outstay their welcome in the same way. While it's unlikely to win her any new converts, non-fans exposed to the record won't find it as dense or impenetrable as some of her studio work.

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Artigo: The Independent - "My fantasy band: Tori Amos"

Interview by Gillian Orr
Friday, 13 November 2009

Vocals - Janis Joplin

I want the band to be fronted by a woman and Janis was one of the great female blues singers. She had a voice that could handle a very powerful band.

Guitar - Stevie Ray Vaughn

His work is really difficult for guitar players to play. Some blues guitarists are acoustic driven, he's an electric player. Every guitarist that I've met sights him as a huge influence.

Bass - Bootsy Collins

Because Janis is a blues singer and John is such a great rock drummer I thought I needed to get somebody who could do both, so I went to the funk side of things and have chosen Bootsy Collins on bass. He had attitude.

Drums - John Bonham

It's the way the guy hits the drums, it's impossible to recreate. I listened to all of Led Zeppelin's records growing up, it drove my father crazy. He thought they needed an exorcism. As a young girl I listened to them religiously.

Keyboards - Billy Preston

He had his own career, but he also played with The Beatles so he could play any style of music. We need a keyboard player who understood the blues and would be able to work with a bassist and a guitarist that were pretty central to the music.

Tori Amos' new album, Midwinter Graces, is out on Monday on Island Records.

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Artigo: Crave Online - "Tori Amos: Midwinter Graces"

An inspired classic for the holiday season.
NOV 11, 2009

Release Date: Nov. 10

Tori Amos' reverence for the seasonal spirit on her first holiday album, Midwinter Graces, may appear to be a hard-left departure from her typical sexually subversive ways, but on closer inspection it makes perfect sense. A classically trained pianist since childhood, Amos grew up singing in church, and her predilection for faeries and hippie-ribbon magic bode well for an album that, as she puts it, isn't about Santa Claus or spinning dradels.

"I wanted to bring in another side to this which is that before there was Christmas day, cultures were celebrating the rebirth of light in darkness during the winter season," Tori recently said to The Quietus. "That’s been happening for thousands of years. Midwinter has been celebrated for thousands and thousands of years, even before a religion was involved and it was about rebirth of light".

The result of such an effort is an album for the season that you can comfortably play for the whole family without having to explain any sexual overtones to Grandma, something one might've expected in Tori's previous offerings. It's an ode to the spirit of wintertime, beautifully orchestrated and arranged, and Amos' voice is perfectly suited to the sound. Reworked classic carols and surprisingly vibrant original holiday compositions blend for a grown-up collection that won't soon fall by the holiday-sales-gimmick wayside.

Middle eastern rhythms add a warm new spice to "Holly, Ivy, and Rose," not at all diminished by her daughter's vocal-debut contributions, while rechristened classics such as “What Child, Nowell,” “Candle: Conventry Carol” and “Star Of Wonder” breathe new life - and twists - into old holiday favorites. The covers are molded into medleys and peppered with new lyrics and melodic meanderings that showcase Amos' remarkable arrangement abilities.

Additionally, the original songs mix seamlessly with the reworked classics, lowlit by gorgeous, lush string arrangements and haunting piano work that outlines the eerie atmosphere. A familiar piano riff in "Winter's Carol" calls to mind the previous Tori track "Ophelia," but to no fault of its own. The new tracks are some of Tori's most colorful and inspired in years.

As producer, her attention to detail and focus on clarity is vital to this work. Working with longtime collaborators Matt Chamberlain (drums), Jon Evans (bass), Mac Aladdin (guitar), and John Philip Shenale (string arrangements), Amos defies the bland generics of standard "holiday" albums to create something unique that isn't fan-specific or even limited to generational tastes.

If you're comfortable stepping off the pop-fad bandwagon and abandoning the tired status quo for a spell this holiday season, Tori's latest may be the perfect fix to roast your chestnuts on a quiet winter's night.

CraveOnline's Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Artigo: New York Entertainment - "Tori Amos on How and Why She Made a Christmas Album"

11/11/09 at 4:45 PM

It's been a busy year for singer-songwriter Tori Amos: After releasing her tenth studio album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, in May, she found time during the ensuing tour to record her first holiday-themed record, Midwinter Graces, which arrived in stores yesterday. Her dramatic piano lines are intact, but the album deviates from Amos's traditional style (most notably, it includes Christmas songs). As the daughter of a Reverend, Amos grew up surrounded by theology, and Graces is steeped in interpretations of old religious hymns. Vulture spoke with Amos about her new album on the phone from her home studio in Cornwall, England.

How did your upbringing influence this album?
There’s all kinds of memories. I remember driving to North Carolina when I was a little girl in a snowstorm to get down to my mom’s family in the Carolinas. There were chains on the car — it was the late sixties — and we were just singing in the car. Christmas carols. And it was one of those things where of all the music that my dad turned me on to, the Christmas carols are what I related to a lot more than any religious music that the Methodists were pushing.

But these songs don't stick to classical interpretations. I love the classic crooners, but I got that from my mother — she worked in a record store. But my dad was a minister, so …

It’s more hymnal based.
Oh yeah. But during research I thought, Why does this music sound better than the other hymns? Little did I know at the time, but a lot of those songs used to be popular drinking songs and sea shanties for the Brits. "Nowell" — the correct spelling is N-O-W-E-L-L — there’s this book called the Oxford Book of Carols which tells you the origins of the melodies. Some of them go back so far. And what would happen is, these new denominations would be popping up and they’d think, “Oh, God, we need some hit songs.” So they’d take a popular song and put Christology to it. I've carried on the tradition. I've done variations of the themes that were variations of the themes.

What are some of the variations?
I did go to the Peabody Conservatory and figured that it needed to come in handy somewhere down the line. So I decided [to] bring in the string section, bring in the big band. And I love the big band and I think that’s where you get the song "Pink & Glitter." And I think that was inspired by those old crooner songs.

Is writing in this style harder for you?
Well, in order to make this kind of record and to have it work, I needed to know what the carol writers were doing, then you need to know the theology of where it came from in order to change it. I did change it in making it more inclusive rather than exclusive. Because some of these lyrics were written, it was in a very puritanical time. Women had no rights, they couldn't vote. Some of the music would've been fifteenth century.

By: Michael D. Ayer

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Sinful Attraction Tour: Melbourne, AU - Regent Theatre (13/11)

Lady In Blue
Famous Blue Raincoat
Blood Roses
Little Earthquakes
That Guy
I Can’t See New York
Flying Dutchman
Hey Jupiter
Star Of Wonder
Cool On Your Island
Mr. Zebra
The Beekeeper
Taxi Ride
Barons Of Suburbia
Never Seen Blue
Pretty Good Year

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Sinful Attraction Tour: Melbourne, AU - Regent Theatre (12/11)

Lady In Blue
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Blood Roses
Curtain Call
I Can’t See New York
Take To The Sky
Cloud On My Tongue
Beauty Of Speed
Mary Jane
A Silent Night With You
Purple People
Scarlet’s Walk
Barons Of Suburbia
Sister Janet


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