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Artigo: the new yooxer - "Tori Amos"

More than mere concerts, the experience of hearing her velvety, intense voice sing live is the kind of experience that no music lover could ever forget: the seductive, rebellious, red-haired Tori Amos opens up to the The New Yooxer. In an exclusive video-interview, the singer with Cherokee blood talks about the most intimate moments of her album and shows us the looks she covets.Irreverent, anti-conformist, and provocative, able to mix the sacred and profane in a single note, Tori Amos has cultivated a rich repertoire of captivating, ferocious music throughout her long career. In 2009, her tenth album Abnormally Attracted to Sin, deepened her past discourse on matters of sex and religion, power and success. “Every woman wears a mask, caught between spirit and flesh, every woman is called to act upon her own destiny,” explains the American singer-songwriter. Her fervent and restless creativity has proven to be unstoppable: her newest album, Midwinter Graces, is set for release in December—and Tori Amos gives us a sneak preview in her interview with The New Yooxer.

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She’s not all voice and music, however: Tori Amos is a style-chameleon who has proven to be capable of re-inventing her image multiple times over her 20-year career. From the sensuous, flaming curls of her debut—conveying innocence with a hint of naughtiness—she has now matured into a more refined, sophisticated style over the recent years. And what kind womanly evolution is ever complete without a declared passion for shoes? Tori Amos reveals the details of her look—a mix of romantic and fluid pieces that combine glamour and structured shapes—and allows us a peek inside her Dream Box.

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