domingo, 3 de maio de 2009

Tori é a 4# mulher mais sexy no Rock!

Avril Lavigne – Squeaking in at # 10 is Avril. The bad attitude and kiddie-punk wardrobe are keeping her from ranking higher but the girl does have something. Maxim agrees and placed her at #24 on the 2008 Hot 100 list. (credit: Getty Images)
Amy Lee – Amy, of the alternative metal band Evanescence, with her ethereal vocals, flashing eyes and dark hair has that nymph/vampire thing going. Admittedly, we don't even know what she's doing now but she's still our #9. (credit: Getty Images)
Hayley Williams – Paramore's emo-pop princess is our #8. 21-year-old Hayley was voted Sexiest Female at this year's NME Shockwave awards and scored the same title in a 2008 Kerrang reader's poll. (credit: Getty Images)
Emily Haines – We bet the Metric frontwoman is probably way to cool to care about being on lists of hot women and would even think it's stupid. Whatever. We're putting her at #7. (credit: Getty Images)
PJ Harvey – #6 is Polly Jean Harvey, the eccentric Brit who redefined sexy in the mid 90s. PJ is quirky, intense, gawky, raw, and way cooler than you'll ever be. (credit: Getty Images)
Liz Phair – A dirty mouth and the face of an angel. Liz peaked in the mid nineties with tracks that would make the Trailer Park Boys blush and is our #5. (credit: Getty Images)
Tori Amos – The eccentric and overtly sexy Tori, known for riding her piano bench in a filthy and rather compelling manner, comes in at #4. (credit: Getty Images)
Tina Turner – The Queen of Rock N' Roll starts the home stretch at #3 with that smoky voice and a figure that women half her age would kill for. (credit: Getty Images)
Juliette Lewis – #2 is the actress turned lead singer of Juliette and the Licks, who rocks out like a madwoman on stage and is so hot you could fry an egg on those rock hard abs. Rock. (credit: Getty Images)
Debbie Harry – And the sexiest woman in rock history is the one and only Debbie Harry. Many have tried to emulate the 70s icon and lead singer of Blondie over the years but it's hard to get that uncannily beautiful, tough as nails, cold as ice, yet steaming hot combination just right. There can only be one #1. (credit: Getty Images)

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