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Pink Is The New Blog: "Tori Amos Voices Her Support For Marriage Equality"

"(I was) extremely disappointed"
May 8th, 2009

In a new interview with Attitude magazine, Tori Amos expresses her disappointment at the fact that California voters could, on the very same day, elect our nation’s first African-American president and also deprive a segment of the citizenry the fundamental right to marry. Now, anyone who is even remotely aware of Tori and her politics should not be surprised by this news at all … even still, at a time when our country still has a long way to go in terms of providing marriage equality for all her comments are definitely worth passing along:

Tori Amos has blasted voters who pushed through a gay marriage ban in California - because it goes against the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. The God hitmaker, whose father is a Methodist minister, insists outlawing same-sex unions is un-Christian and a breach of civil rights. And she is confused Californian voters passed the Proposition 8 bill - which reversed a previous ruling permitting gay marriage in the state - on the same day Barack Obama was elected U.S. President last year. She tells Attitude magazine, “(I was) extremely disappointed. Well, we go back to this concept of emancipation. The idea of ‘We will overcome’ from the great Dr. Martin Luther King, was made flesh as Obama was put into the office and yet at the same time another group of people were subjugated by some of those voters. “A lot of people were saying, ‘Well you have to understand that a lot of the voters are Democratic and Christians, the ones that had an issue with rights for the gay community’. And I would say how, in any way, is that the Christian path?”

God Bless Tori Amos. I love that the woman never shies away from voicing her opinions. Her point that Christian path is one of love and acceptance is a valid one. There will always be those people who use religion to their own selfish ends … which is sad because those people ruin things for everyone. I’m convinced that marriage equality will be a reality for all in this country some day, hopefully soon. I’m glad to know that the fight for equality for all has an intelligent woman like Tori Amos on its side.

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