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Amazon.ca: Abnormally Attracted To Sin review

Reviews Written by Armen Shahnazarian "Abnormally Attracted to Tori Amos" (Toronto, ON)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sensational, April 15 2009

First off this version of Abnormally Attracted to Sin (AATS) is 2 discs: 1 CD and 1 DVD. The DVD contains visuallettes, directed by Christian Lamb, for all of the songs except for Mary Jane.

AATS is Amos' 10th studio album and her first with her new label Universal Republic.
The first single "Welcome to England" is a gorgeous song where Amos belts: "Heels on. Go on. Bang a Tango but do not get tangled, who can stay strong? When they only give us lies to lean on. When your heart explodes is it deathly cold? You must let the colors violate the blackness..."

The rest of the song lyrics for the album are just as fierce with Amos tackling some familiar and some new subjects such as: Religion, Patriarchy, Drugs and Censorship among others. According to Amos AATS is one of her most ambitious attempts at production, a statement which this clearly comes through when one hears the songs. not to mention the wonderful string section throughout the album which were composed by John Philip Shenale. Another point to be made about AATS is the exquisite and lush packaging it comes in Amos a firm a believer in making the listeners musical experience a fully immersive one has outdone herself with the packaging for AATS.

Whether or not you are a Tori Amos fan, this record deserves your full attention. Here is an artist with a lot of potent things to say, and she says it damn well. Let us respect and support true musicians with skill at their art. A definite must for any music lover.

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