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@forumz: "dollsbitches" entrevista Tori Amos

"My interview was about an hour ago. Oh in the area where I was waiting there was a big stack of Abonrmally Attracted To Sin cd-booklets, all signed. They couldn't give me one, apparently, because they were promised to some retailer. But at least I got to see the booklet, the pictures in it are gorgeous. That picture with the purple fuzzy coat is also in there, but there are also photos where she's dressed a lot more 'slick' (with rubber boots, or that's what it looked like).

Tour dvd: She said she still wants to do it, but it hasn't been edited or mixed. Even though she gave the impression that they still want to do it, I think this might turn into another East Lansing '98.

Releasing old shows: Once again, they still want to do it, but she wants Mark to mix them and he doesn't have time for it. She mentioned the rehearsals of The Light Princess as a timeframe where maybe he might be able to do it (but then again, I think they'd rather focus on the dvd if they have the time).

New legs&boots: They want to do it, but they weren't happy with the way things went last time around. Not in terms of quality, but in terms of the technical side. She said Mark was up until 4am on show nights, mixing and trying to upload the show, while the people at the company weren't doing anything to help out or provide technical support. Tori said her people did 99% of the work on Legs&Boots, and the people who were given a cut hardly contributed anything. ,,Next time around we need to make sure they have something to do, like wash some clothes or something." Anyway, the tour is starting in the States and they want to do something like Legs&Boots again, but will probably do it for the European leg because by then everyone will be more comfortable and well-oiled. Also, on the business side of things, she commented on how difficult it was because everyone (including venues and local promoters) wanted a cut of the profits.

2013 YKTR Remastered and Expanded: yeah she basically just laughed out loud when I said that, which is good because it was obviously meant as a joke. By the way she reacted to it, I don't think she's ever going to touch that material ever again, aside from a live performance here and there. She seemed to remember Car Full Of Boys when I mentioned it though.

If she ever writes songs on-the-fly anymore, like Thoughts and Marianne: yes, but there's not always a tape recorded around (I think she specifically talked about the time she spends in her Florida home). She said Ophelia was kind of written like that after visiting some exhibit in Ireland. Though obviously the end result wasn't a one-take thing.

I didn't get to ask the question I really wanted to, about Curtain Call and whether she is concerned about her relevance to the music scene (not the music 'business' per se).

She did say something very very interesting when we briefly talked about The Beekeeper. She said it's her least favorite album in some ways. And that The Beekeeper was basically just a band jam session. It's the least produced album she's ever done, she said, and in some cases they went with like the 2nd or 3rd take of a song, and put it on the album. Apparently Mark is still kind of upset by it :P

Give was one of the very first tracks to be written, Flavor was the last one. And the order of the visualettes are different from the order of the songs on the albums. By the way she talked about it (,,If you start with Give the story is going to be very different than if you start with That Guy") I assume That Guy is the first visualette.

It wasn't my best interview ever. Or the most exciting one.

Also: The fact that the last 2 songs were cut from the 3voor12 broadcast last night had nothing to do with that nasty photographer. A girl from the record company told me this morning that only 3 songs were allowed for live broadcast and that some other digital channel (and I stupidly forgot the name) will be broadcasting all five songs in the future. Everyone was very pissed about the photographer who apparently ruined the recording. Tori didn't seem to mind/notice, she had in-ear monitors.

When I've transcribed the full interview (which will definitely take a while - weeks), I'll also post it in this thread."

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Em breve, a tradução completa da entrevista.

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