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Spinner: "Tori Amos Will Not Play Lilith Fair 2010"

Posted on Dec 11th 2009 10:45AM by Jessica Robertson

The first round of artists have been confirmed to play Lilith Fair this summer when the all-female music festival returns after a 10-year absence. Among the artists set to perform are Sheryl Crow, Tegan and Sara, Mary J. Blige and founder Sarah McLachlan. But one artist that won't be on the bill is Tori Amos.

"There's so many young artists that want to [play Lilith] and because I'm able to tour on my own, they should have the chance," Amos told Spinner this week when she stopped by our New York City studio. "I usually do my own thing. I like to tell a story, and I'm stronger -- I'm better as a performer -- when you come and decide, 'OK. I'm gonna take some audio mescaline and hang out with Tori. And God knows how I'm gonna get across the galaxy, but I'll get there and she'll make sure I get back.' And it's different thing when you're doing a gig for 15 minutes, or 20."

While Amos also didn't perform as part of the original Lilith, which toured every summer from 1997-99, it's not for lack of support for the festival. "It opens the doors for a lot of women that can't tour on their own," she said. "Sarah [McLachlan] is able to hold that space and she benefits as well. If it is a success, then by holding a space and helping others, the public gets to see these artists and it can be a win-win. It's a brilliant concept. You have to acknowledge that she's a brilliant business woman. There are a lot of guys in the industry that have very successful festivals. And they don't get criticized for it -- they get acknowledged that they're good at business as well as music."

In 1997, McLachlan launched the all-female music festival, which became the top-grossing festival of that year and top-grossing female music festival of all time, featuring artists including Natalie Merchant, the Pretenders, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow and Missy Elliott, among many others.

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