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Artigo: New York Press - "Tori Amos at the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center"

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Tori Amos took to the stage at the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center last night for a taping of a special Christmas broadcast for the etown variety show. The pagan songstress played seven songs solo on a blue and silver Bosendorfer piano—the song selections reflected the season and featured three songs off of her newly released holiday album Midwinter Graces. She also gave a witty and thought provoking interview mid-set with one of the evening’s hosts, Nick Forester.

She started the set with “Lady In Blue,” a mellow jazzy song off of her album Abnormally Attracted to Sin which was released earlier this year, and moved into “Star Of Wonder,” a reworked version of the Christmas carol “We Three Kings.”

During the interview segment, Tori explained that on Midwinter Graces she wanted take out the guilt, repression and shame that go along with Christianity and focus on the joy of the “rebirth of light”—a more accurate sentiment of what Christmas used to mean hundreds of years ago. Though she claims “shocking the Christians” is one of her favorite pastimes, she wanted to make a holiday album that wouldn’t hurt her mother’s feelings but also stay true to her beliefs. Adding, while doing research for this album, she found that some of the traditional English Christmas songs we’ve come to love were stolen from drinking songs.

Tori paired her classic song about repression “Silent All These Years” with a “Silent Night With You” an original piece echoing “Silent Night.” She finished off the set with “Gold Dust” from Scarlet’s Walk, “Pink and Glitter” a holiday song reminiscent of 1930s big band and “Winter” off of the 1992 album Little Earthquakes.

The show will air on Christmas Eve and Christmas night on WFUV 90.7 and the podcast will be posted on the etown website that week at etown.org.

Fonte: New York Press

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