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Artigo: Connect the World - "Wednesday's Connector of the Day: Tori Amos"

December 8, 2009
Posted: 1443 GMT

The title of the latest album from Tori Amos – "Midwinter Graces" may sound festive, but it is not a Christmas record.

Released to coincide with the winter solstice, this collection of songs celebrates the pagan festival.

Much of the album finds Amos reworking and expanding on the traditional Christmas carol, for example “What Child, Nowell” and “A Silent Night With You”.

Daughter of a Methodist minister, religion is a common theme in Amos’ work. Her 1994 record “God” was Amos' response to patriarchy and the repression of women through religion.

Noted for the emotionally intensity she puts into her performances, Amos has spent a lifetime exploring god, sexuality and feminism in her lyrics.

She was at the forefront of a number of female singer songwriters in the early 1990s, achieving recognition for songs like “Cornflake Girl” and “A Kinda Fairytale”.

Herself a victim of sexual assault Amos co-founded the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) – a toll-free help line in the U.S. connecting callers with their local rape crisis center in1994. By 2006, RAINN had received its one millionth caller and is now the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the United States.

A social commentator and activist, Amos is the perfect antidote to the anodyne offerings which currently clog up the charts.

Send your questions to Tori Amos and we’ll put the best of them to her on Wednesday’s show.

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