domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

"It's a Bitch to Grow Up...?"

Um artigo publicado no site no dia 16 de abril revela algo um tanto assustador: uma b-side com o nome "It's a Bitch to Grow Up" (?). Esta "suposta" b-side estaria incluída na pré-encomenda (reserva) do AATS no iTunes. Vai saber ¬¬'. Abaixo, o texto original:


As you undoubtedly know by now, Tori Amos is just about ready to release her tenth studio album. Abnormally Attracted to Sin will be out on May 19th via Universal Republic.

The album title is a line from Guys and Dolls, originally spoken by the character Sarah Brown. "Sin," in this case, is not necessarily what you’re thinking of.

“I wanted to really investigate how we’re controlled by the threat of despair,” Amos said. “I wanted to look at power—how we think and how you can reclaim the right to think for yourself, to uncover what you believe in as a spiritual, sexual creature...What I am exploring with this record is power, and giving it away with your thinking. How do we become controlled?”


Tori Amos has also unveiled the video to the song "Welcome to England," the first single off "Abnormally Attracted to Sin." This gorgeous miniature film is one of 16 "visualettes" directed by Christian Lamb who filmed Amos and her band during the American Doll Posse tour.
“Christian jumped on the bus and made daily montages of the band’s life on the road, using music from the live shows as a soundtrack to the footage,” Tori said. “When I saw what he had done, the new songs started to come to me.” The visualettes are not videos in the traditional sense—there is no lip-syncing. Amos thinks of them as “silent movies,” citing early movie star Mary Pickford as a reference point.

“AATS is made up of songs I wrote on the road watching Christian’s footage, and the songs I wrote after spending some time in California, which is where I had lived before Little Earthquakes was released,” Amos explained.


Pre-order the album on iTunes starting today (through May 19) and you’ll receive a unique password to purchase Tori concert tickets on before they go on sale to the general public. Eary birds will also receive a free download of the bonus track, “It’s a Bitch to Grow Up.”

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Bernardo disse...

It's a bitch to grow up é tb nome de uma b-side do mais novo cd da alanis suahsuahsa

Anônimo disse...

rsrs o que está deixando a maioria dos fãs confusos é justamente isso. pelo estilo da alanis ser muito "próximo" ao de tori deve ter ocorrido um erro ou alguma coisa do tipo. a única b-side que até agora foi anunciada do aats foi oscar's theme na edição uk. espero que esta notícia seja falta, ninguém merece ter uma música com esse nome.

Vinicius Vida disse...

Rá! com certeza erraram a notícia.
esse b-side é do ultimo CD da Alanis e concordo que o nome da musica é bem brega, porem a musica é boa...

enfim.. quem sabe a tori tá fazendo um dos seus covers pirados com a musica da alanis hahahaha!symotyp