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Digital Spy: "Tori Amos 'feels guilty on tour'"

Wednesday, January 6 2010, 13:32 GMT
By David Balls, Music Reporter

Rex Features
Tori Amos has revealed that she feels guilty when she goes on tour.

The 'Professional Widow' singer claimed that her relationship with 9-year-old daughter Natashya suffers as a result of her schedule.

"I still get a real kick of guilt when I'm on tour and can't be the kind of mother who's there putting her to bed each night," she told The Guardian.

"She's a great cheerleader, though, she gives me pep talks."

The 46-year-old, who released new album Midwinter Graces in November, admitted that she previously felt restricted by her age.

"I felt sidelined by the industry, by the preoccupation with finding something newer, younger," she said.

However, she added: "I'm 46 and I have a husband who still wants me every day. That's pretty great, right?"

Fonte: Digital Spy

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