domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014

Coletânea de vídeos de shows Australianos (2014)

Obrigado a todos que uparam os vídeos!

UPDATE: Show completo de ADELAIDE (16/11), via Tori Songs - Thank you!

Parte I

Parte II

SIDNEY (20/11/2014)

Bliss / Caught a Lite Sneeze (trecho)

Putting The Damage On / The Power of Orange Knickers / Sleeps With Butterflies / Northern Lad / A Sorta Fairytale (trecho inicial)

A Sorta Fairytale (trecho final) / Ruby Through The Looking Glass / Dixie / Superstar Mash Up / Jessie's Girl / She's Your Cocaine / Cooling / Yo George / Dark Side Of The Sun (trecho #1)

Dark Side of The Sun (trecho #2)

Dark Side of The Sun (trecho #3)

Fire On The Side / Fire To Your Plain

BRISBANE (21/11/2014)

Improv / Josephine

New Age

Fast Horse


Cornflake Girl / Posse Bonus / The Wrong Band