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Tori Songs Covers: Top 5!

Finalmente o projeto Tori Songs conclui mais um dos seus esforços, que como vocês sabem foi catalogar os 25 melhores covers feitos por Tori, de acordo com a opinião dos próprios toriphiles! E dessa vez, como chegamos ao Top5, cada canção será acompanhada de um trecho textual sobre a respectiva canção que Amos decidiu tomar para si, com todo o respeito. Mais uma vez, se quiser acessar a página original do Tori Songs é só ir em seu Facebook, e para conferir as posições anteriores, é só clicar AQUI.

And now, one more time, I must say a huge THANK YOU to Daniel Boudreaux, the one who organized all the balloting and graphics, with the help of other toriphiles and fairies! Blessed be.


“I could name five songs, right off the top of my head, that I would have given my right arm to write. Case Of you: You don’t get it any better. A better song hasn’t been written. I don’t care what female singer/songwriter you throw up in my face: None has done anything in the league of Case of You, me included. I sing Case of You almost every night in concert because of that. For a woman to be able to say what that says, with that kind of addiction and yet that kind of grace, is just not done. Even Zeppelin and those guys listened to Joni. They were totally influenced by Joni." (source)


She [Tori] started talking about the covers she has done, that when she covers a song it’s not because she just likes it, but she needs to put a character to it. Like with Teen Spirit, she had always wanted to be a cheerleader, but was told she didn’t have enough rhythm! And one day she was driving a truck–”I love Trucks”–and heard this song and loved it. But she had to have a character, so she decided she was Jane and has stolen this letter that has been written and is reading it aloud. “Famous Blue Raincoat”.

- Comentário de Beth Coulter (source)


Infelizmente não achei nenhuma citação para ser feita aqui. No entanto, recordo-me bem de Tori classificar "Lovesong" como umas das canções mais bonitas sobre amor já escritas.


She doesn’t know who owned the jacket originally. Nobody claimed it after a party, and she figured it looked good on her.
It says KISS, and she does not like to kiss. People, men and women, have told her that she is beautiful, and she has no idea what they mean. When she looks in the mirror she does not see beauty looking back at her. Only her face.
She does not read, watch TV, or make love. She listens to music. She goes places with her friends. She rides rollercoasters but never screams when they plummet or twist and upside down.
If you told her the jacket was yours she’d just shrug and give it back to you. It’s not like she cares, not one way or the other.

escrito por Neil Gaiman (source)


"In Dublin, two days after the Nirvana front man’s 1994 suicide, her live version of Smells Like Teen Spirit was a choker. “I was just ready to start the chorus, and all of a sudden, in perfect pitch and very quietly, as only the Irish can do, [the audience] started singing it like a hymn. It was like they were sending his spirit off. It was an honor to play his music that night.” (source)


"With the lights down, it's less dangerous..."

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