sábado, 5 de março de 2011

O ator Matthew Perry, o Chandler de "Friends", disse ter sido agredido na escola por ser fã de Tori

Matthew Perry 'Beaten Up' for Being Tori Amos Fan -- Music Appreciation
Posted on Mar 3rd 2011 3:00PM by Jenny Charlesworth

Matthew Perry paid Conan O'Brien a visit recently, and while he was in the hot seat, the actor revealed that his love for singer-songwriter Tori Amos was the source of much pain – literally– while growing up. "I have terrible taste in music, and I've been made fun of it my entire life," he told O'Brien on the talk-show host's Feb. 22 program. "Essentially, if you're a woman, and in you're in any kind of emotional duress at all and you sing about it, I will buy it and listen to it over and over, [like] Tori Amos – believe me, I got beaten up for this in school."
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Mariela disse...

Chandler, Chandler... sempre o mais zoado!

Victor disse...


Bruno disse...

Falando assim, parece que ele estava na escola durante os anos 90. Hahaha. Acho que ele apanhou por causa do gosto musical em geral - a Tori deve ter sido só um exemplo