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EWF Photography Book

The (currently untitled) EWF photography book will be a collection of photographs by EWF showing snippets of their lives. All types of photography of all subjects are welcomed and encouraged! Architecture, nature, portraiture, landscapes, home, work, play etc. Photos taken on your Tori Lomo camera are particularly welcome!

The finished book will be gifted to Tori at the next available opportunity and made available for sale online with all proceeds going to RAINN and the NSPCC.

To clarify, this isn’t about photos of Tori, with Tori, illustrating her songs or of fan meetups, but more about sharing something of our lives beyond Tori, although of course the photo may well be of a part of your life Tori has inspired or changed.

If you’d like to take part please email up to three photographs to: photobook@collectedobjects.co.uk

Digital photos should be in their original file size, although they may have been cropped and colour corrected.
Print photos should be scanned in as high a resolution as possible. 600dpi would be a good size to scan at.
In the email please include your name, age and country. You are also welcome to include a brief description of the photograph.
I don’t have a deadline in mind at this stage, I probably won’t begin compiling the book until late Spring, so there’s plenty of time to take part.

And finally, please spread the world and let’s get as many EWFs to be a part of this as possible!

Join our group An EWF Photography Book on Facebook here.
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