quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010

Tori Amos fala sobre Lady GaGa (mais uma vez)

Transcrito da entrevista para o YLEX:
"She's a great entertainer and the world most certainly need great entertainers. But her fans and the world need to give her room to evolve. And so...if you think about it, someone like a Bette Midler, someone who's still performing now; she's had a career of over 30 - over 40 years. To be able to do that, to be able to perform for that long, she's had to evolve. And as we get older, we female performers need to support these girls as they get older, because you can't be doing...Lady Gaga can't be doing exactly what she's doing in 20 years time. So it's about allowing her to evolve and the public supporting her as she grows and changes. What I like to see is entertainers that do...do transform and have big, long careers that you can grow old with. That's what I think is exciting. And we'll see what she chooses to do because you can't just go for shock factor all the time; right now, the shock factor's working. But when you're 37 years old, 40 years old, that kind of shock factor of hanging upside down and showing your knickers and playing piano with your teeth...it's just not as attractive.Once that's done, then I hope the music will be enough for the people to keep them there and not just the shock tactics."
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Mariela disse...

vamo fazer uma aposta Tori, até quando essa palhaçada da Lady GaGa vai durar?

Hernando... disse...


Tori está cada vez mais paz e amor mesmo... Em outras épocas, ela diria que a música de Gaga é de fazer os ouvidos de cães doerem! #alanisfeelings