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Artigo: Flavorwire - "The 50 Essential Women-in-Music Albums, Ranked"

The 50 Essential Women-in-Music Albums, Ranked
4:08 pm Friday Sep 18, 2009
by Brian Underwood

Now that we’ve revealed all 50 of our essential women-in-music album selections, we thought we’d do a brief recap of all of our picks, ranked in order of influence. Our list was diverse so it was a tough job, but we think we nailed it. We also picked five up-and-comers we think could wind up on a list like this ten years from now. Once you’ve finished reading our rankings, it’ll be time to tell us what you think. Did we get it right? Which albums did we leave off the list entirely? Who should’ve been ranked higher/lower? Let us know [...]

31. Boys For Pele (1996), Tori Amos

Boys For Pele is Tori Amos’s break up album. But instead of “You Oughta Know,” she gives us “Blood Roses,” a song composed primarily on the harpsichord and featuring lines like, “I’ve shaved every place where you’ve been boy.” Recorded at the height of Tori’s popularity, Pele’s dark and eccentric nature is a bold statement of professional independence on her part (and a foreshadowing of the tensions to come between Tori and her record label). While the source material for many of the songs – her experience “visiting” the devil while high on hallucinogenic drugs; the idea that God’s feminine nature has been stripped from mainstream religion – is obscure, the strong melodies temper the impenetrable nature of Tori’s lyrics and make Pele a truly moving listen [...]

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