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Sinful Attraction Tour: turnê solo na Austrália em novembro

Sensational, sensual, sinful – TORI AMOS embarks on a unique solo tour this November. On the heels of the release of her 10th studio album Abnormally Attracted To Sin, the breath-takingly wistful and wilful Tori Amos returns to the stage to enrapture audiences nationally throughout this, her 5th Australian tour.

Since her Australian debut in 1992, Tori’s reputation for amazing and moving performances has seen her loyal audiences grow. After the sold-out 8 date ‘The Original Sinsuality Tour’ in 2005, Tori returned with the ‘American Doll Posse Tour’ of 2007 (following the top 20 album of the same name) which ran for 11 dates including 3 stunning shows at Sydney’s Opera House.

This month Tori began the US leg of her world tour, with Spin Magazine raving:

Amos straddled her piano bench, left hand working her baby grand piano, right hand coaxing loops and ambient effects from a bank of synthesizers, she showed both the resolve and vulnerability of a star completely at ease with the weight of her role.

Amos teetered between girlish coo and husky alto throughout the night, a stunning range that left the audience reverent and ready for more. Even after two encores it wasn’t enough…

Her enduring career has taken on a magical musical journey of intricately laced songs, engaging audiences through an array of moods and textures on piano, and the whispering and wailing of vocals.

Amos demonstrated throughout her two-hour set just how well she cultivates her noir-like aura of the offbeat, smart, slightly mysterious female singer songwriter.

She fluently weaved her voice through its ranges, packing heartfelt emotion into her lines. She’s one of the few artists who can sing two songs set in snow during a hot July day and still send chills through the audience with her voice.” OreganLive.com

Don’t miss the sinfully sublime Ms Tori Amos’ and her spellbinding solo performances.

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